Thursday, June 05, 2008

Look Up Page

I have to admit that I thought that look up page meant something to do with coding. It's a way (it's sometimes called lookup page) of telling a line of code that to get the information it needs to continue on to the next function that it should go and read this other page over there.

I think I'm still correct in thinking that lookuppage is in fact still used in that manner. However, there's also a new site which offers a method of online reputation management.

The basic idea is pretty simple. Whenever we come across a new person, think about hiring them (or dating them!) it's pretty much wired into us now that we should Google around to see what we can find. Great, but all too few of us actually have all the relevant information placed in just one place so that people can know who we are.

Quite simple, put your professional online profile on the site and then you'll be able to show people looking for you what you can do.