Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where to see Britney Spears

If you're interested in where the Britney Spears circus (Ha! the show is called Circus, you see....) is going to land then you might want to click through and check out the tour dates.

The show is currently in Europe, after the spring part in hte US, and it will be returning to hte US for the latter part of the summer.

If Britney Spears miming to her records while gyrating wildly is what interests you then do indeed check it out. Or, you can if you wish, use that list as a guide to where and when to avoid.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Look Up Page

I have to admit that I thought that look up page meant something to do with coding. It's a way (it's sometimes called lookup page) of telling a line of code that to get the information it needs to continue on to the next function that it should go and read this other page over there.

I think I'm still correct in thinking that lookuppage is in fact still used in that manner. However, there's also a new site which offers a method of online reputation management.

The basic idea is pretty simple. Whenever we come across a new person, think about hiring them (or dating them!) it's pretty much wired into us now that we should Google around to see what we can find. Great, but all too few of us actually have all the relevant information placed in just one place so that people can know who we are.

Quite simple, put your professional online profile on the site and then you'll be able to show people looking for you what you can do.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Interested in Katie Holmes?

There's a new place where you can get your news about Katie Holmes. Yes, I knew that would interest you.

You can find out more about Katie Holmes' marriage to Tom Cruise, if that's the sort of news that interests you.

Or there are photos of her, sotries and even video news stories.

Check it out for all your Katie Holmes celebrity news needs.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mohels and Sex

Yes, not really the conjunction you expect to see but, does circumcision have an effect upon sex life?

Further, is the effect good or bad?

We know that it reduces the rate at which various forms of clap are passed on.

But it also reduces sensitivity.

So, on balance, is circumcision a good idea or not? Click through to find out the answer.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breakfast in Cascais

If you're in and around Cascais you'll not do better than seeling out the Beefeater for your fry up breakfast.

Yes, OK, I'm biased, as it is run by friends, but it's Cascais' British Pub of choice.

All the usual foods, Portuguese and British, from the fry up to the cornish pasty.

They've also got large screen TVs for all the sporting events and the usual satellite services to provide them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TinTin and the Two Directors

Looks like we're going to be getting some Tintin movies:

Peter Jackson is getting involved in another trilogy taken from a series of beloved books - Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin.

Only this time he's directing just one of the films and getting some help from a certain Steven Spielberg.

The film-makers are teaming up to make three digital 3D features using the performance-capture technology developed for The Lord of the Rings and King Kong.

The film will be made for Spielberg's company Dreamworks, which is also backing Jackson's screen adaptation of bestseller The Lovely Bones.

It's not known who will direct the third film.

OK, I know Tintin is popular, but I'd much rather see some decent Asterix movies made